Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watch & Sightseeing Tour

Come witness the marvel of dolphins in their natural habitat. Each dolphin-watching cruise presents a unique experience determined by the behaviors of these remarkable creatures on any given day. Whether feeding, socializing, traveling, or at play, dolphins showcase their intelligence and adaptability as they navigate the waters.

Epic Angling Experience with Dolphin Dock in Port Aransas | Sandcastle ...

Get ready for potential dolphin sightings right off the boat, as these curious animals often approach to investigate. You may find yourself connecting with a dolphin as your eyes meet, appreciating their captivating presence. Dolphins can be identified individually by their distinctive dorsal fins, shaped as uniquely as a human fingerprint

  • 1.5 hour cruise daily 5:30-7 pm
  • Adults $30 per person
  • Children 6-12 $15 per person
  • 5 and under free
  • concessions aboard for purchase

Embark on a 90-minute narrated cruise into the Corpus Christi shipping channel, offered at various times during the afternoon, evening and sunset. Allow knowledgeable guides to impart fascinating facts while you revel in nature at its finest, observing one of Earth’s most beloved marine mammals.

What You’ll See


Our specialized catamaran tour takes you into the Corpus Christi ship channel, an area teeming with wild dolphins. Get ready to spot bottlenose dolphins as they playfully leap in and out of the wake of passing ships. Our marine naturalists will identify behaviors and educate you on these remarkable mammals.

Dolphins swimming in the ocean near Port Aransas. Safely spotting wild dolphins from a distance belongs on any list of what to do in Port Aransas TX

Corpus Christi Ship Channel

As we search for dolphins, you’ll get an up-close view of massive cargo and oil tanker ships navigating the narrow ship channel. Our guides will point out these behemoth vessels and explain the critical role the port plays in international trade.

Corpus Christi Ship Channel
Corpus Christi Ship Channel; image via

Pre-Civil War Lighthouse

We’ll cruise past the Lydia Ann Lighthouse, a 156-year-old lighthouse that still stands sentinel over the ship channel just as it did before the Civil War. Our guides will delve into the history of this iconic lighthouse and its importance in marking the harbor entrance.

Lydia Ann Lighthouse
Lydia Ann Lighthouse, Port Aransas; image via Facebook

San Jose Island

Our tour includes a cruise along San Jose Island, a pristine undeveloped barrier island rich in native wildlife. Watch for herons, egrets, spoonbills, and other coastal birds gathering to feed in the shallow waters. If luck is on our side, we may even spot the endangered whooping crane.

With our Dolphin Watch & Sightseeing Tours, you’ll enjoy the region’s marine life and immerse yourself in the deep maritime history of Corpus Christi Bay. Join us for a memorable ecotourism experience for the whole family.

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