The Boats

The Dolphin

The Dolphin is an 80-foot vessel that accommodates up to 39 persons for 9 and 12-hour fishing trips. The Dolphin also has sleeping quarters and showers available only on longer trips for the tired fisherman. Most of the time you are catching so many fish you can’t sleep. Other members of a party who want to site-see and watch the fishing can go for half price on day trips.

The La Pesca

The La Pesca is a faster boat and is used for 5-hour to 60-hour trips. This boat is used for the Red Snapper runs in the summer, tuna in the winter, and Kingfish and Shark in the summertime. This boat is designed to move fast to cut down on travel time for more fishing time. It is ideal for the whole family.

The Dolphin Express

The newest addition to our fishing fleet is the 95-foot Dolphin Express. The ‘New’ Dolphin Express is not only our fastest vessel, but our roomiest vessel. The Dolphin Express runs our 5 to 60-hour offshore trips as well as private charter trips.

The Captain Paul

The Captain Paul, formerly known as the Dolphin Express, is a 67-foot vessel that can accommodate up to 40 people. The Captain Paul is used to run our 4-hour state/bay trips as well as our Dolphin Watch trips. The Captain Paul is not only quick enough but also large enough to run offshore State Water private charters.


The Flipper is a 40-foot vessel, not only great for fishing but site seeing tours as well. This boat is perfect for smaller group private charters.

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Recent Fishing Trip Reviews

I just got back from doing my last 2023 fishing trip from the Dolphin Docks. I may say these guys surely don't disappoint at all. This time was the 1st... read more

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Jose G. Perez Avatar Jose G. Perez

Great time on a 36 hour trip a year ago

Gary Horton Avatar Gary Horton

Great Staff and Crew

Klein Appliance Repair Avatar Klein Appliance Repair

Me and my son went on the captain Paul and enjoyed it a lot. Caught sand trout and undersized red snapper. Returned to water. Definitely going again


This is our second 36 hour trip with La Pesca this year. Both times were a blast! The captains are friendly and knowledgeable, if you aren’t catching they move to... read more

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Keisha Hopkins Avatar Keisha Hopkins

Always have a good experience here rain or shine. This time was able to bring my kids out.

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ShovelheadTed ! Avatar ShovelheadTed !

Great crew. They are very helpful and will take care of anyone regardless of their skill level fishing deep sea.

Travis Lovell Avatar Travis Lovell

Dolphin express best tuna trip in the gulf

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Bob D Avatar Bob D

Excellent.. crew is amazing

Alex Navarrete Avatar Alex Navarrete

Booked a 4hr. Staff was excellent and helpful. The boat was a great experience.

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Amanda Wong Avatar Amanda Wong

Great folks at reasonable prices. Will definitely be coming back next trip. We took a 4 hr trip and had a blast.

Candy Ettinger Avatar Candy Ettinger

Had fun it was a little rough but I enjoyed it.

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Anthony Cryer Avatar Anthony Cryer

Great time fishing. Capt. and deck hands were top notch

Russell Moore Avatar Russell Moore

This is the second trip my granddaughter and I have chartered with this group, and I highly recommend taking a fishing trip with them. Their crews work hard to get... read more

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Gabriel Rivera Avatar Gabriel Rivera

I had a great time I took the 8hr trip I caught 4 fish wod definitely recommend

Charles Dorsey Avatar Charles Dorsey

Best deep sea fishing god service there is I promise you won't regret going fishing with those guys

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Eddie Clinton Avatar Eddie Clinton